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Shoei J.O Rat Grey

The Classic look open face helmet for classic and cruiser riders with Shoei safety and performance



  • Helmet with classic and custom lifestyle styling
  • High quality, high safety and performance for a small open face helmet

Design Excellence

  • Contemporary yet classic looks in compact and duck tail shape at rear
  • Visor shape which restricts rolling-in of wind
  • Discreet logo design in-keeping with classic looks

Main Characteristics

  • Restriction of rolling-in wind turbulence by way of the exclusively designed CJ-3 visor
  • Visor adjustment mechanism which enables adjustment of visor bottom position depending on length of nose
  • Interiors fully removable and unreflective to visor

Safety Features

  • AIM Shell
  • Exclusively Designed CJ-3 Visor

A contemporary classic

Safety and performance supported by technology and legendary Shoei know-how in one neat package.

J.O is the result of design excellence combined with attention to detail in a small but fully-featured open face helmet, With practicability and good looks.

Like the styling of a custom bike, its simple and works in harmony with your riding style.  It features a compact shell, various materials, colours and careful design consideration of each component.  The exclusive CJ-3 visor is developed for the Shoei J.O and restricts rolling-in of wind turbulance and is equipped with a position adjustment mechanism.  A perfect blend of style, safety and performance.

New small open face helmet for riders looking for originality is the J.O philosophy.


Design and performance

The highest safety is mandatory as a premium helmet of Shoei with performance which assures you are riding as comfortable as possible.  Design of each component is also top priority.


While it is in an orthodox shape looking front to rear, it has a cool American style.  The side line of the shell is straight and sharp when viewed from the front.  This eliminates the large head look and achieves a compact shell.

Duck tail shape which is used in custom bike also is adopted in the bottom rear.

Logo Design

Shoei logo is in quite a difernt size and design from usual Shoei helmets as it considers the design of the helmet and the bike category it will be seen with.


D-ring is used for a chinstrap fastening with classical design consideration and lightweight functionality


Goggle Belt

Goggle belt is equipped for many users who would use goggles.  There is great attention to detail in the material and shape the goggle belt.  The cut of the belt is in a shape of ribbon to give a pop impression. 'Shoei' is designed on the snap button.


Safety supported by Shoei technology and know-how, not only in pursuing design excellence in helmets in style, but also for maximum available safety without compromise.

AIM Shell

AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) is Shoei's own shell structure which is soft but superior in rigidity and elasticity based on complex layers of strong glass fibre and orhanic fibre.  Strict safety standards of various countries and areas are easily met.  Pursuing rigidity with light weight materials, security and safey is paramount.


Classic Looks with Comfort

Pursuing the most comfortable fit imaginable the interior is designed to match the classical image of the Shoei J.O.

Although the interior area is small, it is always exposed and affects the fell of the material.  Therefore leather is used for the interiors to maintain the classical atmosphere with 2 tone leathers used.  Nubuck type leather is used in an area near the CJ-3 visor to avoid reflection to the visor while glossy leather is applied in an area below the visor to the rear where dirt shows up.  The front bracket area is covered not by pastic parts but by leather, and can be fixed or removed by snap button.  This eliminates a gap between liner and pad to improve quietness.

A fabric in soft texture is used for the cheek pad and center pad favoured in many other models to acheive a comfortable fit.  Light black colour is adopted to match to image and style of the helmet.  The centre pad and cheek pad are fully removable for easy maintenance.

Fine adjustment of the interiors is easy using optional interiors.  Polyurethane foam in different softness is used in the upper area of the cheek pad to make wearing glasses easy.

A Shoei J.O tag is attached to interiors similar to a tag on jeans to recreate the vintage and premium feel.


Exclusively Designed CJ-3 Visor

The visor is one of the important factors affecting safety and design for small open face helmets.  The CJ-3 visor is exclusively designed and developed for the Shoei J.O round in shape, it has an image of the classical goggle helmet.

Rolling turbulence is a big issue with open face helmets.  Wind to the face causes not only discomfort but also drying of eyes threatening the safety of the rider.  In order to restrict wind flowing in, the visor was cheacked in various conditions to decide the most effective length.  The side areas were enlarged as much a possible to restrain wind entering from both sides.

Position between visor and face varies person to person.  Therefore there is a visor adjustment mechanism in-built.  The height of the bottom end can be adjusted in 3 steps.  In addition to visor height adjustment mechanism, there is also positioning for fixing or removing visor.  the visor can be removed easily by adjusting a lever to the relevant position and removing the catches.

Available Colour Visors

  • Clear
  • Dark Smoke
  • HD Yellow


  • J.O Logo Sticker
  • Helmet Bag



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