HJC RPHA10 New Colours for 2012

HJC RPHA10 New Colours for 2012

HJC's flagship RPH10 is now available in an exciting new range of colours for 2012. 

The HJC RPHA10 is super lightweight at only 1200g and comprises of a premium integrated matrix constuction, which incorporates three different materials - carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass - to create a woven blend that produces a shell both remarkably strong and noticeably lighter.

The HJC RPHA10 comes with 2 visors clear and smoke and a pinlock insert.

The best selling HJC RPHA10 is the HJC RPHA10  Ben Spies Monster.

HJC RPH10 Ben Spies Monster

New for 2012 is the HJC RPHA 10 Pinna which is available in three colour options Black, Red and Blue.  HJC RPHA10 Pinna

Plus the HJC RPHA10 Ancel which again is available in Black, Red and Blue. 

HJC RPHA10 Ancel

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