REEVU RV FSX1 - The worlds first flip front motorcycle helmet with rear view vision

Reevu RV FSX1

Reevu RV FSX1

Reevu, technology leader in rear vision helmets has produced the worlds first system helmet with rear view vision.  The Reevu RV FSX1 model joins the product portfolio at Reevu alongside the successes of its stable mate the RV MSX1 both helmets have the unique fully adjustable built-in rear vision system.

Reevu engineers have taken 3 years to add the Reevu RV FSX1 model to the range adding the breath taking advantage of being able to see what is happening behind you without having to take your eyes of the road.

This cutting edge innovation is already proving its pedigree on the race track, after a few bumps and scrapes its activation crumple zones have saved the riders from more severe uncertain outcomes. The Reevu RV FSX1 is lighter than most ordinary system helmets and has a high specification finish.

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