Cardo SHO-1

Cardo SHO-1

Do you use a Shoei helmet or are you thinking of purchasing one? Stay Tuned because Cardo have developed an advanced communication system designed especially for Shoei helmets in collaboration with Shoei, the global market leader from Japan.
The new product, Cardo SHO-1, will incorporate Cardo's latest technology and features a novel and patent protected bifurcated design that includes among others, a replaceable battery pack.  Besides state-of-the-art features such as bike-to-bike intercom between up to 9 riders, connectivity modes with mobile phones, and wireless receipt of high-fidelity stereo music from Smartphones and compatible MP3 players, the Cardo SHO-1 will consist of two complementing and low-profile units that attach seamlessly and without any mechanical clamps to Shoei helmets.  
The communication system is recommended by Shoei and custom made to fit the GT AIR, NEOTEC, MULTITEC, XR-1100, J-Cruise, QWEST, RJ-Platinum and HORNET-DS helmet models.
The new Cardo SH0-1 will be available from Just Helmets before the end of the year.

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