Autocom Air Bluetooth Intercom

Autocom Air Bluetooth Intercom

Autocom Air Bluetooth Intercom

Autocoms first Bluetooth Intercom has arrived, The Autocom Air. Using an ultraslim design means that the Autocom Air can be installed onto the neck skirt of most crash helmets which means you have nothing on the external shell meaning wind noise is not increased as can be the case with normal side mounted units, Fully featured so you can connect up to your smartphone and GPS and also to another Air unit for Bike to Bike or Rider to Pillion depending on set up. The unit has single discreet multi function button that installs onto the side of the helmet which gives you all the main functions at a push of a button. Weather proofing is provided by a sleeve that the Autocom Air simply slides into to protect it.


•  IN-HELMET design which protects the look and integrity of the helmet
•  Retrospectively fits into any helmet
•  Suitable for all climates with a weatherproof sleeve included
•  Incorporates Autocom audio© giving best in its class sound
•  Connects to a pillion, smartphone (calls and music streaming), GPS or another bike
•  Stream music from Bluetooth MP3 type devices
•  Modular design gives extended product life with user replaceable microphone, speakers and battery
•  Intuitive single multifunction button making it simple, safe and effortless to operate 
•  Last number auto redial when connected to a smartphone
•  Voice recognition when connected to compatible smartphones
•  Recharge time only 2 hours with several days standby time

Click here for more information on the Autocom Air


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