Shoei X-Spirit II Review

Shoei Launch the amazing Shoei X-Spirit II


Just helmets are an approved Shoei Assured Super center so what better place to buy your new 2011 Shoei X-Spirit II professional racing helmet. 

X-S2Kag3tc5-th Shoei X-Spirit II Kagayam3 - TC2 featured

The X-Spirit II, Shoei's new top of the range helmet picks up where the previous model it replaces left off. Superb finish, sleek aero design and a lush liner. Superficially the helmet looks like the same shape as the model it replaces, but a side-by-side, back to back comparison reveals that the new X-Spirit II has undergone signficant changes.

The venting, the visor, the rear spoiler, the new, bigger aperture for improve peripheral vision – even the double-D ring strap fastener stud is now a button rather than a fiddly 'bar' found on the strap of the previous model. The shell design is far sleeker, more aero with a better integrated rear spoiler which curves further down the rear of the lid without it looking like some kind of space helmet.

The medium (white) lid we weighed tipped the scales at 1475g – 25g under its claimed weight – and compared that with the top of the range Arai RX-7 GP at 1680g. The Arai was painted, but it was a 'Small' so that probably evens things out, no? Curiously, it's actually 100g heavier than the old X-Spirit.

The fit at the front – from nose to chin bar – feels as spacious as the old model and only time will tell how well the new padding and liner materials stand up to repeated abuse. I've got a four year old X-Spirit which still feels reasonably snug, although clearly the foam in the liner has settled somewhat.

Once we've put some miles on it in the wet and the cold, we'll be back with more info. For the moment, it looks like the top of the range lid it is.


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